Ospf как настроить cisco packet tracer

Ospf как настроить cisco packet tracer

16/10/ · Hi, Currently I'm doing a CCNA course. I learned much of it, and to practice my knowledge, I am trying to build a network myself in Packet Tracer. The VLA In this lab we will learn to configure multi area ospf using cisco packet tracer. In below Network Topology Diagram you can see there are Two area Area 0 and Area 1. How to Configure Static Routing in Cisco Packet Tracer step by OSPF, etc. which utilized routing on 3 routers in packet tracer Static routing example with a. OSPF Configuration In Packet Tracer: Complete process is defined in easy words and after reading this you can surly configure Any OSPF senario. How to Configure RIP Routing in Cisco Packet Tracer? - The RIP protocol is a routing protocol used on Routers. Configuring the RIP routing Автор: Tolqabaqci.

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I learned much of it, and to practice my knowledge, I am trying to build a network myself in Packet Tracer. The others can only reach their own network.

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I have added my PKT. Native VLANs must match across the devices or strange things happen. Such as not being able to ping. Make the native VLANs match up. Have you been told to set VLAN 30 as native?

Configure Static Routing Using Cisco Packet Tracer

If you have, you must set it on the switches as well as the routers. It takes just one command to change the native VLAN on the switch hint: switchport That is only used on a router if it has an etherswitch module fitted, in which case it applies to the etherswitch. Depending on your configuration requirements, you can either change it on the router or on the switch es the native VLAN should be consistent throughout the switching domain.

Note that if you enter no encapsulation dot1q 30 native on the router, you will have to reconfigure the IP address of the interface.

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  • Second, as also already pointed out, the connection between S1 and S2 should be a cross-over cable. I doubt that Packet Tracer has auto cross feature to automatically adjust the configuration, regardless of whether a straight-through or cross-over cable is used. Third, OSPF neighborships are up and routes are being advertised.

    How to Configure OSPF in Cisco Packet Tracer?

    However, there are unnecessary configurations. For example, on R2 only network The purpose of the network statement is to only determine on which interfaces to enable OSPF. It does not dictate which networks are advertised.

    Additionally, the subinterfaces are not needed on the other routers besides R1. Solving the native VLAN issue indeed solved it.

    How to Configure OSPF in Cisco Packet Tracer?

    Since this router needed to have no subinterfaces according to Rick , the packet stucks at R3. You configured the admin workstation to be in the same network as the syslog server. Choose a different network like I fixed these issues in your PT file and I could ping from the admin workstation to the syslog server.

    It is not really clear what you are trying to acheive with the network.

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  • What is the purpose of each of the three VLANs? Similar to what you have on the other side.

    Ospf как настроить cisco packet tracer

    Remember the basics though: a single subnet must not be split by a router. The subnets at the two sites need to be different.

    OSPF Configuration In Packet Tracer Lab with PDF

    Versioning ". That will be cascaded throughout the network. I agree with alot of what you said but if you do not configure Domain name and password the switches are wide open.

    One thing I did know about was the DOS attack. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message.


    Please type your message and try again. Am I forgotten something? This content has been marked as final.

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  • Show 9 replies. Minor point: change the wire between S1 and S2 to a cross-over cable. Thanks again, very instructive.

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    You put the admin workstation in vlan The connection between the switch and R3 is a trunk. Also on your routers you have useless network statements: R1 network Basic port security practice also greatly mitigates the insecurity.

    Ospf как настроить cisco packet tracer

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